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INDOORS OR OUTDOORS … Elite PT offers the best of both.

Located on beautiful South Cronulla Beach, Elite PT is a boutique gym which offers a range of membership options to our fully equipped gym, and specialises in personal training, and also conducts a variety of group training classes both outdoor and indoor. Elite PT offers professional, personalised training, programming and nutrition advice to not only achieve your health and fitness goals, but enjoy the process too. Creche available Mon-Sat.

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Latest News

5 days ago

Elite PT
This week’s trainer tip comes to you from trainer @alanatokic OUR TA 💪🏼Our transverse abominis or TA is our deepest abdominal muscle that wraps around us front to back like a corset. It is considered one of the most important core muscles as its inadequate activation contributes to low back pain and instability. Therefore, it is crucial that we are getting correct activation of the TA while we’re exercising to reduce our risk of injury. Some helpful tips:❌ Don’t brace your entire core – try your best to focus on the lower portion that is being activated under your fingertips ❌ Don’t hold your breath❌ Don’t progress too quickly – ensure you are able to maintain the contraction in less challenging positions firstGet ready to feel the burn 🔥 As always for further technique coaching and prescription, contact us 📞 9523 5823#trainertips #tipoftheweek #exercisetips #corestrength #personaltrainer #gym #cronulla #elitept See MoreSee Less
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6 days ago

Elite PT
🚨4 Week Challenge Winners 🚨A big congratulations to all of our members/clients who achieved such great results in our recently completed 4 Week Challenge. As always there were many great results, but today we acknowledge the outstanding results achieved in the 4 weeks by our two winners.🏆Female winner Richelle Blades Through outstanding application Richelle achieved the following in just 4 Weeks:✅reduced body fat mass by 22%✅lost a total of 5.1kg of body fat✅reduced waist girth by 5cm✅reduced hip girth by 3cm✅increased fitness and strengthWell done Richelle 👏👏👏👏🏆Male Winner Andrew Davis Through consistency and diligence Andrew achieved the following:✅reduced body fat mass by 15%✅lost just under 3kg body fat ✅reduced waist girth by 4.5cm✅3rd consecutive scan with a body fat reduction✅Big increase in fitness and strengthReally impressive consistency 👏Our next Challenge starts October 23 and is perfectly timed to have you hitting the festive season in your best shape. Click the link to learn more and get involved! #results #fitness #bodytransformation #personaltrainer #gym #cronulla #elitept See MoreSee Less
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7 days ago

Elite PT
A big welcome back to @georgianatoli who returned to the team this morning, hitting the ground running in delivering a hi tempo Boot Camp circuit 😅A great way to start the week. Have you booked your classes for the week ahead. Click the link and get book your sessions now! #bootcampworkout #groupfitness #gym #fitnesslife See MoreSee Less
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1 week ago

Elite PT
The final scans of the 4 Week Challenge have been taking place this week and there has been some good results and happy faces; including @lordrochelle who has been putting in the work these last couple of weeks. Is Rochelle going to be one of our winners?? She has been working diligently in the gym with trainer Loretta, and also been a regular at Run Group, Spin and other group training sessions. Well done Rochelle 👏 can’t wait to see your results.Stay tuned for all the great results and stats coming out of this Challenge over the next week! #4weekchallenge #clientresults #bodycompositiontransformation #fitness See MoreSee Less
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2 weeks ago

Elite PT
Have you undertaken a body composition scan lately? If not how are you tacking your progress and results? Maybe your training and nutrition plan is not as effective as you think, or maybe you are killing it but not sure just how well you are doing 🤷🏻‍♂️Measuring your progress/results is fundamental to understanding the effectiveness of what you are doing. With the technology we have on site we can track key metrics such as;👉Total skeletal muscle mass👉Total body fat👉Body fat percentage👉Visceral fat👉Bone mineral content👉segmental lean mass analysis👉Basal metabolic rateThis can all be revealed in a non invasive, quick, comfortable scan and can help shape your training and nutrition going forward.Scans are available for as little as $40. To learn more or book an appointment call 9523 5842; email; or click the link and fill in the form.#bodycomposition #bodycompositionanalysis #results #fitness #inbody #gym See MoreSee Less
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