Personal Training

Elite Personal Training’s fully qualified personal training staff are available Monday to Saturday to motivate and guide you to achieving your health and fitness goals including your ideal body shape and other health and fitness goals. After an initial sit-down session with a trainer, you will be given an individually tailored exercise and eating plan to help you make healthy sustainable lifelong lifestyle changes.


The major personal training services we offer at Elite Personal Training include:

  • Fat loss/Toning/Weight Loss
  • Resistance training for strength, hypertrophy (muscle gain)
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Cardiovascular training for fitness
  • Nutrition planning
  • Sports specific conditioning/ strength training
  • Body Composition Scanning/Physical assessment


PT sessions usually take place in our personal training studio/boutique gym, but can also take place on our unique private balcony with a view or in the wonderful surrounds of the beach, adjacent parklands, The Esplanade and the rooftop located near the gym.

How often?

The whole point of personal training is that it is tailored to suit the individual’s needs, goals and lifestyle. Ideally, to gain the most benefit from your resistance training (weights), you should do at least two weight training sessions per week.

Some clients opt to do two sessions per week with a trainer; or they do one with a trainer and one on their own. Others have a program and/or assessment every 4-6 weeks and train on their own between programming. It is an individualised approach, not a one size fits all.

Getting started (bookings essential)

Professional, personalised training and programming, including resistance program and cardio and nutrition advice.

In your initial one-hour session, your trainer will have a physical assessment as well as providing extensive information and designing a training and nutrition plan specifically for you. This is a very important session and helps you to get results immediately.


30min session


(1 client only)

1hr session


(1 client only)

1hr session


(2 clients)

Additional Benefits

  • Weekly walk/jog/run clubs (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays) are FREE with personal training.
  • Clients are also able to use the facility (both gym/cardio and pool) immediately before and/or after their PT session.
  • Studio Membership is available to weekly PT clients for $16.98/Week. For more information, click here.
  • Discount on casual gym usage to do additional sessions on your own

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