Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
5:15am HIIT Spin          

 *Spinlates* SPIN SPIN   *Spinlates*
  Run Group  

Run Group

Boot Camp Boxing Boot Camp


Boot Camp  
 7:00am           SPIN 
          Walk, Jog, Run
 8:00am           Pilates Pump
 9:00am CRECHE till 11am  
 9:30am X-Motion  X-Motion – Strength X-Motion X-Motion- “Strength” X-Motion  
5:30pm     Circuit Class      
 6:30pm SPIN Circuit Class        
6.30pm Core/Strength    



To book scroll down, call 9523 5842 or email reception@eliteptsc.com or through your Xoda app

Spin, Spinlates, HIIT Spin, Circuit Classes, Creche, Pilates & PlyoFIT  – BOOKINGS RECOMMENDED // LIMITED SPOTS
Please check in at Reception for ALL classes.

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Gym Hours:
Monday – Thursday 5am – 9pm
Friday   5am – 8pm
Saturday   6am – 4pm
Sunday   8am – 4pm
Opening times vary on public holidays – please consult website / Facebook.

All boxing, Circuit, X-Motion, Spinlates, Pilates and Saturday run/walk/jog classes go for 50-60 minutes. Spin is a 45-50 minute class, and HIIT Spin is a 25-30-minute class.

All participants must complete a pre-exercise questionnaire when training with Elite PTSC Pty Ltd for the first time.

NB: It is advisable to book into the Spin Classes as these classes have limited numbers. Book online here or please ring Reception on 9523 5842. If you have booked for spin and cannot attend, please call us to cancel your booking and make your seat available.