Success Stories

// Nicole Whitehill

nicole-whitehallFitter now than in my 20s
“After winning the Fat Loss Challenge in 2012 I was determined to maintain my fitness and weight loss. My great trainer always encourages me to push myself to the next level and I feel fitter now than I was in my 20s. This has given me the confidence to train for and complete four sprint triathlons. Staying fit is great for my family – it makes weekend activities fun and in 2014 I trained with my son to do the Blackmores Bridge run. “

// Paul Scott

paul-scottRan a PB 3hr10 marathon – September 2014
“Thanks for providing a fun atmosphere + all the support and motivation to help me reach my marathon goal. This latest result exceeded my expectations and I definitely would not have got there without the team @ Elite.”

// Amanda Cahill

amanda-cahillFitness and Friendship
“Just over five years ago I did my first boxing class followed shortly by my first run group with Elite. This was a particularly difficult time in my life and the discovery of Elite PTSC was like winning lotto. I found group training to be energising and fun – with a bit of hard work thrown in.  It was so nice to be surrounded by other “normal” people, most of whom still surround me today, but now they are not only training partners, they are also great friends.”

gianna-alessi// Gianna Alessi

Lost 25kg in 18 months
“The staff and trainers at Elite PT have enabled me to dramatically change my appearance and fitness. The atmosphere and friendly environment always makes you feel welcome and I would not hesitate to recommend Elite to anyone wanting to get fit.”

// Hayley Muller

hayley-mullerLost 8.2kg during an Elite PT Six-Week Challenge and a total of 16kg to reach her ideal weight over five months
“A massive thank you to Elite PT and my trainer Matt. I dearly appreciate my weight loss and improved fitness/running to Elite PT. Having Matt as my trainer, I would not have succeeded in losing the amount of weight I did and improving my fitness. His motivation, dedication and encouragement to me, pushed me that extra mile and helped me to stay focused on my weight loss (I so wanted to eat chocolate!) and running. I had no idea I would lose this much weight, even requiring new clothes! After my weight loss and improvement in my running, I am a very happy mum and wife. I feel great, look fabulous in my new clothes. I owe a massive thank you to Matt and Elite PT, without Matt and Elite, it wouldn’t have been possible. Like most families we struggle financially, but having a personal trainer is worth every penny spent, as my happiness and feeling great has reflected onto my family. I cannot thank Elite PT enough.”

// Linda Alessi

linda-alessiLost 22kg in 24 months

“Coming to Elite PT is enjoyable. The trainers and clients are friendly and ensure you reach your goals. The team at Elite have trained me to better manage my nutrition and fitness requirements, to be who I am today.”

// Mardi Cartwright

mardi-cartwrightLost a total of 27kg during her time with Elite PT
“I came to Elite because I had tried losing weight before but always ended up regaining the weight and this time even more. I thought I knew enough about diet and exercise but Elite’s trainers taught me more than I could imagine about the right diet and exercise to lose weight and maintain it. The staff were professional, supportive and very friendly. At first I was extremely daunted attending a personal trainer, but Elite’s staff made me feel comfortable. I grew to love going to my session and also made the boxing classes part of my weekly exercise regime. With the assistance of Elite I have lost 27 kg and now have a body fat percentage of 19.6%. But most of all I feel fit and healthy and know I can maintain my new lifestyle indefinitely.”

// Partners Ross Payne & Kim Jonesross-kim

Ross lost 16.5kg in 10 weeks and Kim lost 9.5kg in 10 weeks
“Ross lost 18cm off his waist, and 11cm off chest and hips – and improved his fitness dramatically. Kim lost 13cm off her hips, 10.5cm off her waist and 15cm off her chest.”

Long-term Success

paul-masterton// Paul Masterton

Lost 19kg in 18 months
“I highly recommend Elite PT, as they are a dedicated team who strives to ensure you reach your goals and make dreams come true. Their trainers are all friendly and make you feel part of a family and not just a number through the door.”

// Trevor Back

trevor-backLost over 38kg in 12 months
“I was a heart attack waiting to happen … but thanks to the support and encouragement of many people, including my Elite PTSC trainer, I have lost over 38kg in 12 months. My trainer not only guides me week in and week out, but continues to educate me about the importance of making lifelong changes. This has been critical to my success and I know one thing for certain, I am never going back to where I came from.”

// Melissa Duncombe

melissa-duncombeLost over 35kg in 12 months
“Once I decided I wanted to lose the weight, Elite was there supporting me in every way. The advice and encouragement Elite provided was so helpful and the people that I have met along the way have motivated me and made it possible for me to achieve my goals every time. I have now managed to run a half marathon and complete a triathlon.”

// Ben Thompson

ben-thompsonLost over 35kg in 12 months
“Going to see a personal trainer at Elite PTSC was initially an attempt to get fit but it turned into a life changing experience! All of the people involved are professional, educated, motivated, but most importantly, motivating! The guys at Elite help you train smarter and are really focused on getting results. Since joining their gym, I have not only managed to lose over 35kg in weight, I have a new outlook on all aspects of my life. The culture at the gym is great, the training is actually fun, the results are rewarding and it is all with a great view of the beach.”

// Vince Gordon & Sherrie Gallagher

vince-sherrieLost almost 20kg between them
“Vince and Sherrie have changed their lifestyles completely since their first Challenge … and haven’t look back. Vince has lost 12.5kg of fat mass and 12.5cm off his waist, and reduced his body fat from 30% to 18.9%. Sherrie has lost 7kg of fat mass and 10.5cm off her waist. Vince and Sherrie now prefer to spend their money on their health and fitness.”