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Spin classes are a high-energy 45-minute indoor cycling class led by a motivating instructor and accompanied by the instructor’s unique playlist of powerful and energising music. Spin is challenging, fun and one of the best ways to improve cardiovascular fitness while burning lots of calories. Because Spin classes are low impact they are suitable for most people and our classes can accommodate all ability levels and age groups. Instructors will use the tempo and beat of the music to structure their classes to provide maximum variety and motivation and encourage participants to work hard but to their own level. Spin classes are a great form of cross training as they are non-weight bearing and provide a good workout while recovering from running, or other classes which have greater impact on the joints of the lower body. Elite PT’s spin classes are smaller groups (maximum of 14) where you get maximum trainer attention and encouragement. Best of all you have the backdrop of the ocean to distract you from the fact you are working out.

HIIT spin uses the recently popularised “high-intensity interval training (HIIT)” theory to provide a great workout in a short period of time for the time-poor. The class lasts 30 minutes maximum, and is broken down into high-intensity efforts from as little as 8-10 seconds up to two minutes, followed by a recovery period. While traditional spin classes are usually dictated by the instructor’s music, HIIT spin works to predetermined set intervals and rest periods to give you an intense workout in less time. Time flies in this class yet you will leave with a great cardio workout and having burnt a stack of calories.

Spin Booking Policy

  • You cannot book any more than two weeks ahead
  • Depending on your membership, the system will determine if a booking is successful. Some memberships do not include certain spin classes, and if this is the case you will be re directed to the casual payment option.
  • Casual paying and multi-pass clients can book into any class, although booking will not be confirmed until paid
  • Once your multi pass has run out you will be redirected to payment
  • To book on an ipad/iphone please ensure you download the app ‘Xoda ‘ first
* This new cancellation window will be effective from Monday, March 23, 2015
  • ALL spin classes will now have a 12-hour cancellation policy. Any cancellations outside of this will be classed as a ‘late cancel’ (multi-pass and casual paying clients will be charged) and gym members will be recorded as a ‘late cancel’ therefore will be penalised one strike in our three-strike policy.
  • If you cancel within 12 hours prior to the class, multi-pass and casual clients will be credited back and gym members will not be penalised
  • Those who have been Studio or Spin Plus Studio members for six months or more may have a problem booking into some of the classes in their membership because of a glitch in the new system. Please contact Reception on 95235842 or if you experience a problem. In the meantime, you will be able to book through Reception.
  • There will be no waitlists from now on. Now that we are online, you will be able to keep an eye on when spots become available – 24/7! You may call Reception on 9523 5842 to check also (within Reception hours).