Boxing is a popular cardiovascular workout designed to increase fitness levels and improve hand-eye co-ordination. At Elite PT we have the benefit of being able to run our classes in the outdoors at some of the most scenic locations in Cronulla adjacent to the gym with the backdrop of the ocean and beach.

The benefits of participating in regular boxing classes are many and include:

 Fat burning and weight loss, strengthening bones & ligaments, increasing muscle tone, building muscle endurance & strength, increasing core strength, and increasing power. It is also a great calorie burning activity and therefore great for fat loss and full body toning.

The best part is that our boxing classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and ability. You do not need previous boxing experience. Participants will normally be partnered up with someone of similar height, strength and experience, or you can bring a partner to box with. Classes are held in the Surf Club Ballroom or outside on the Esplanade, park or beach, depending on the weather. Gloves and pads are provided, but it is preferable for each participant to bring their own after if it becomes a regular session. View pricing here.

Boxing classes are held throughout the week and are included in all membership options – click here for the latest timetable or click here to view membership pricing.

 Watch the video below for a small sample of boxing class action



Boom box (pictured above) offers great variety, using motivating music and caters for all levels. 
Elite PT’s boxing classes are conducted both indoors and outdoors, on beautiful Cronulla Beach.