Elite PT now offers body composition scanning so you can track your health, training progress and results like never before.

Using the latest technology in bioelectrical body composition scanning machines from Inbody Body Composition Analysers, you can get a detailed report on important body composition information including, but not limited to:

  • Total skeletal muscle mass
  • Total body fat in kilograms
  • Total body fat percentage
  • Visceral fat
  • Total body water
  • Segmental muscle and fat analysis
  • Bone mineral content
  • Basal metabolic rate

 The technology

The Inbody 570 machine provides the fastest, upgraded solution for monitoring your health.

The InBody 570 has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for International Product Design and Innovation. It gives you all the relevant information that you require to precisely measure body composition on an ongoing basis. 

The InBody 570 is a highly effective, efficient and precise device which tests and provides in-depth results in less than two minutes. It is also non-intrusive.

The InBody 570 uses 15 impedance measurements by using three different frequencies to measure the five segments of the body to provide over 40 parameters relevant and specific to body composition.

The InBody 570 allows you or your trainer/health professional to regularly monitor your level of body fat, lean muscle mass and muscular development so you can understand how your diet, lifestyle and training regime are influencing your overall body composition

Elite PT offers a 15-minute consultation with an approved operator which includes the scan, a detailed results sheet and thorough explanation of all information on the results sheet for just $40.

Available to anyone; you don’t have to be a member of Elite. Simply fill in the form below.



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