Nutrition Model

Elite PTSC Path to Success

Nutrition remains the limiting factor in terms of people achieving the significant results they aim to achieve. When people come to see a trainer at Elite PTSC for a personal training session or attend one of our group training sessions, we know they are going to perform a quality exercise session.

Assuming you are completing your training plan on a week-to-week basis (unfortunately consistency is a problem for many), then it is fair to say that the quality of your training will be high enough to get a significant result.

As trainers, unfortunately one thing we cannot control is what people are putting in their mouth (or not putting in their mouth) away from the gym. This represents the major limitation to achieving significant results. At the end of the day you could have a great period of consistent exercise, but if the food is not right you will be very disappointed with the outcome.

This is why we put such an emphasis on educating clients through our lectures on nutrition, along with trainers analysing your food intake from session to session. It is also why we are constantly trying to evolve our own Nutrition Model to help clients get significant results and sustain them long-term in a healthy way.

nutrition-diaryOur Nutrition Model is based around set menu ideas in which the best products, brands and food variations have been included to produce the best result. We have also included foods that are high in fibre, and other vitamins and minerals to ensure a healthy approach to weight loss. Pls refer to our Nutrition Diary (pictured above) which is available for purchase at our studio at Cronulla Sports Pavilion.

Many of you may have heard the term “periodisation” referred to in terms of your training. Now we have also applied it to your eating plan, with the nutrition model consisting of three phases:

Phase 1: “Start-up Phase” – Detox (5-7 days)
Phase 2: “Fat Loss” Phase (4-8 weeks)
Phase 3: Maintenance Phase

Periodising your eating is advantageous for the following reasons:

  1. Losing weight requires a different commitment to your eating than maintaining your weight. Therefore periodising your eating allows you to focus during periods where you are looking to lose weight and adjust your macros during periods where you are maintaining your weight. You cannot continually be eating for fat loss, without eventually breaking loose and putting weight back on.
  2. The initial “Start-up” Phase helps promote the use of stored fat as the dominant substrate by balancing carbohydrate, fat and protein in a way that promotes fat burning.
  3. At Elite PTSC we want you to maintain your results long-term and enjoy being lean and healthy for life, therefore the Maintenance Phase is particularly useful as it is not quite as restrictive but will still result in maintaining weight as it encompasses the same scientific principles as the Fat Loss Phase.
  4. It provides variety and mentally gives you a rest from the fat loss eating plan.

Happy eating to a healthier and better body shape … for life.

The Elite PTSC Team