Group Training


Elite PT offers a variety of group training classes catering for all levels of fitness and a variety of interests. Some of the key benefits of group training include: working much harder than you would if training on your own; having a session already structured for you that you don’t have to think about, participating in a safe session run by a professional; motivation from the trainer and other class participants; increased commitment to turn up, particularly if you are attending with a friend(s); and a variety of fun but challenging sessions.  

Press play below to see a glimpse of Elite PT’s group training options or scroll down for a description of each class:


Boot Camp

Challenging training combining body weight, cardio, core, kettle-bell, and other modern training modalities all in the great outdoor environment at Cronulla or on our open air balcony location overlooking South Cronulla Beach. If you have a goal of completing an obstacle course event or you just want to get fit and/or lose weight in a motivating group environment, then this is for you.

Held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings 6.00-7.00. Boot Camp is part of all Elite PT membership packages. Casual options are also available. Click here for more info.



Boxing is a popular cardiovascular workout designed to increase fitness levels and improve hand-eye co-ordination. Participants should be partnered up with someone of similar height, strength and experience. Classes are held in the Surf Club Ballroom or outside on the Esplanade, park or beach, depending on the weather. Gloves and mits are provided, but it is preferable for the client to bring their own. View pricing here.


X-Motion is a high-intensity mixed cardio/strength workout which includes a combination of running, spin, boxing, circuit weights and/or body weight exercises. Get yourself out of your comfort zone while your child (ren) are minded by our friendly creche staff. This class is open to anyone not just Mums or Dads, however the creche operates at the same time so it’s convenient for parents of young children . Click here for more info.

X-Motion Classes: Mon-Fri 9.30-10.30am
Creche opening hours: Mon-Fri 9-11am.


Pilates is a unique experiential approach that focuses on integrating the mind and body to increase muscle control and balance. This system emphasises consciously controlled movements to ensure correct muscle sequencing. The exercises require concentration and attention to detail. The result is not just to strengthen one particular muscle action but deliver a smooth, controlled movement pattern. Click here for more info.


Spin/Cycle Classes

Spin classes provide a great form of cross training and involve a variety of riding positions and training methods while cycling on stationary bikes. The techniques used are determined by the choice of music, which is selected by the instructor, and all fitness levels are catered for from tri-athletes to the general public training for fat loss or fitness. Click here to book a spin class.




The Elite run group provides a great opportunity for social interaction between clients, gym members and trainers, as well as putting clients through a great workout. Exercising within a group environment lifts motivation levels and gets clients out of their comfort zone. It is suitable for all fitness levels, whether training to race or for general fitness or fat loss or purely for the social interaction. Click here for more info.