PlyoFIT is the newest small group training concept at Elite PT.

 See the video below for a glimpse of the action.

Numbers are limited to 15 to maximise trainer instruction, motivation, and coaching and therefore bookings are essential. PlyoFIT uses a wide variety of modern training modalities including modified plyometric exercises, body weight exercises, and uses a range of equipment including core bags, plyo boxes, TRX, power rings, kettlebells, dumbells, medicine balls, sleds, and more to develop functional strength and deliver a high calorie burning session often in a variety of circuit styles.

The best part is the location. PlyoFIT takes place on our outdoor rooftop training area with a view to die for and the freshest of air.

Classes are run on Thursday morning at 6am. Typically participants try to attend each day for the month to experience the progression over the four weeks.

For more information or to book call 9523 5842 or email