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Matt Hopkins










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Personal Trainer/Group Training Instructor

My interest in health and fitness came from my sporting background, which has given me the desire to work in an industry where you can help people change their lifestyle and fitness for the better. I am thrilled every day I get to help clients achieve their personal goals.

I am passionate about educating clients for better health and fitness through good nutrition and training structures.

I currently play First Grade cricket for the Penrith Panthers, with and against professional domestic and international cricketers.

  • Cert IV Fitness
  • Punchfit Boxing instructor
  • Senior First Aid

Elyshia Pepper










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Personal Trainer/ Group Training Instructor

My passion for fitness started when I was very young growing up in Cronulla, getting involved in many sports and becoming a lifeguard. From early on I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the fitness industry. I get great satisfaction in helping others to achieve their fitness goals and develop a love for fitness, as much as I do. I am motivated to work with my clients in developing tailored programs to fit in with their everyday demands, making sure they are enjoying their program and feeling good about themselves whilst achieving their goals.

  • Diploma of Fitness
  • Cert IV Fitness
  • Cert III Fitness
  • Punchfit Boxing instructor
  • Pre & Post Natal Exercise course with limitless health and fitness
  • Senior First Aid/CPR

Evan Apolony










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Personal Trainer/Group Training Instructor

Similar to many Aussie kids, my childhood was sport, sport, sport. Encouraged at a young age to pursue my dreams, I learnt fast that getting there would require a lot of hard work.

Around the same time, my father, who was severely overweight, decided a lifestyle change was much needed and thus his health and fitness journey begun.

Seeing him turn his life around and losing well over 40kgs, along with pushing myself in order to achieve my sport and fitness goals, I grew a strong passion for health and fitness and realised the impact I could have on other people and their lifestyle.

From that point on, it became my desire to learn, grow, and improve my knowledge, both to improve my own self, but also to share with as many people as I can reach in order to help better themselves.

  • Diploma in fitness
  • Cert IV in fitness
  • Cert III in fitness
  • PunchFit Boxing Instructor
  • Certified Basketball Coach

Dean Simpson










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Personal Trainer/Group Training Instructor

I grew up around Sport and Fitness, competing in many sports in particular Surf Life Saving events. I not only loved the sport itself, but I loved the training and fitness aspect and the benefits it provided me, and I knew on completion of high school that I wanted to turn this passion into a career. As such I completed my qualifications in fitness and Personal Training, and I now enjoy the challenge of helping others reach their health and fitness goals whatever those goals may be. During my sporting life I learnt the importance of individualisation of a training plan, and I bring this experience to my work as a personal training knowing that there is no single approach that is perfect for everybody. I look forward to working with clients with different needs and helping them to their ultimate goal.

  • Diploma in fitness
  • Cert IV in fitness
  • Cert III in fitness
  • Senior First Aid/CPR

Nathan Jay










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Personal Trainer // Group Training Instructor

I have been involved in sports from a young age including athletics, rugby league, rugby union, and oztag, but once I found the Surf club and Ironman, this is where I found my passion for fitness and training. Winning several state and national medals, I developed a solid interest in fitness and the benefits of training for performance and for general life. I want to share my passion for fitness and help others reach their fitness goals, and help my clients lead a healthier lifestyle no matter what age or starting fitness level. I believe health and fitness has the ability to increase quality of life for anybody, it just needs to be individualised to fit with one’s life commitments.

  • Certificate 3 in fitness
  • Certificate 4 in fitness
  • Certified swim instructor
  • Senior first aid

Adam Stroud










Contact Adam:

Personal Trainer // Group Training Instructor

After many years as an executive accountant in the corporate world, I have transferred my long-standing passion for fitness into my new career. I grew up in a world surrounded by competitive sports within the family, and this is where my passion and fitness DNA was moulded. I am determined to use my life-skills, mindset, and experiences to help my clients invest in themselves, and to enhance their physical and mental well- being.

Having never really been a natural athlete, my personal achievements have been driven off enthusiasm, discipline, and dedication, which I feel positions me well to support you in achieving your goals. I enjoy getting to know my clients to find out what drives them, to help design an appropriate, individualised plan that fits with their commitments and provides them the right balance to deliver their desired outcomes.

  • Certificate 3 in fitness
  • Certificate 4 in fitness
  • Triathlon foundation coach
  • Ironman triathlete and Australian masters team representative
  • First aid/CPR

Tina Hollerup










Contact Tina:

Personal Trainer // Group Training Instructor

I am all about fitness, nutrition, and healthy habits. I have participated in sports from a young age, but as an adult I have been focusing on strength training, Triathlons, and good health.

As a nutrition and training consultant from Sweeden I focus a lot on how to incorporate good nutrition and training into your everyday life and make it a natural part of the way you want to live your life regardless of your lifestyle, even if you are a frequent traveller.

I am passionate about teaching others how a healthy lifestyle can look for them with their Challenges and opportunities. We are all different, therefore we all need different strategies. I am here to teach what you need to reach your health goals.

  • Certificate 3 in Fitness
  • Certificate 4 in Fitness
  • Certified Spin Instructor
  • Certified Group Training Instructor
  • First Aid/CPR

Mayra Cartegena










Contact Mayra:

Personal Trainer // Group Training Instructor

I’ve been in the Fitness Industry for over 20 years. Fitness has been my life and passion since I was a kid. I have trained as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor teaching programs such as Barre, Pilates Reformer, Boxing, Les MIlls, Cycle, Circuit, Boot camp, HIIT even Anti-Gravity Yoga. I have dedicated my career to helping others achieve their fitness goals. Through my years of experience, I have witnessed the transformative power of exercise and healthy living. It brings me great joy to see my clients improve their physical and mental well-being through fitness. I believe that everyone has the potential to lead a healthier and happier life through fitness. Whether it’s through personal training sessions, or group fitness classes,  I strive to provide personalized guidance and support to each individual. Seeing my clients overcome obstacles, gain confidence, and achieve their goals is incredibly rewarding. I am grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on their lives and inspire them to prioritize their health and well-being. I am constantly seeking new ways to expand my knowledge and skills in the fitness industry.. I am committed to creating a safe and inclusive environment where individuals of all fitness levels can thrive and feel empowered. Together, we can work towards creating sustainable habits and achieving long-term success in their fitness journeys

  • Certificate 3 in fitness
  • Certificate 4 in fitness
  • Mat Pilates Certificate lvl 1
  • Certificate 3 in nutrition and dietary studies
  • TRX certified training
  • Bosu certified trainer
  • Foundation cycle
  • Group cycling ICYFF