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February 10th, 2015 | News

10 Tips For Getting Your Body Back

From the moment you see the positive line appear on your pregnancy test, all throughout your pregnancy and even after birth, it is astounding the amount of negative comments you will hear about what is the most wonderful and incredible experience ever.

Everyone presumes that you will be incredibly uncomfortable, put on a lot of weight and can’t wait for pregnancy to be over, after which time things just apparently get worse. There is horrendous childbirth, terrifying breastfeeding, sleepless nights … and what seems like a lifetime of worries. And if you dare to say it’s going great … well, just wait until the next stage, it’s bound to get worse!

Despite the overwhelming negativity, I remained positive throughout both my pregnancies and labours, giving birth naturally to two healthy boys.

I understand everyone’s experience is different, but staying fit and healthy is one of the best ways of maintaining a positive mindset and enjoying your pregnancy and post-natal journey.

I also understand the difficulties women face when trying to get back into shape after childbirth. After birth, a woman’s body – and mind – have taken quite a battering and finding the motivation, let alone time to train, is probably a bigger hurdle to overcome than during pregnancy.

However, as an exercise professional, I know the enormous physical and mental benefits if you make the effort … and have experienced firsthand what a positive impact it has on the mother, child and those around her.

Following are my top 10 tips for getting your body – and positive mindset – back after childbirth:

  1. Try to go for at least one walk every day with your baby in the pram once you leave hospital.
  2. Once cleared by your doctor to exercise (anywhere from 4-6 weeks), start off with 1-2 walk/jogs (2mins on, 2mins off) for 20 minutes in the first week. Build on that each week.
  3. Ask you partner to MAKE you get out of the house at least 2-3 times a week to exercise – no matter how tired you feel.
  4. Start to incorporate 1-2 weight sessions into your week, along with 2-3 cardio sessions – 20-30 minutes at a time will get results.
  5. For best results, consult a personal trainer and have an individualised training plan prepared for you that includes weights and cardio, as well as a nutrition plan.
  6. Find a gym with a crèche.
  7. If you prefer training in a group, there are plenty of daytime classes for women – some specifically targeting mums.
  8. If you would prefer training with a group of your own friends, some personal training studios offer this service – you choose the day(s) and time.
  9. Don’t fall into the pregnancy trap of “eating for two”, just because you are breastfeeding – eating extra DOES NOT mean having a Magnum.
  10. As a general rule, drink 2-3litres of water per day; eat 5-6 meals a day; watch portion size; choose low GI carbohydrates, lots of lean protein and good fats, and make snacks predominately protein.

Most of all, relax, smile and enjoy the incredible journey.

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